Hello everyone.

Starting Friday, May 15th we will start taking tee times on the front nine and back nine every 15 minutes apart.  This will double the amount of people that can play golf in a day while staying within the State Guidelines.

A couple of things we ask for this is to work:

You must be patient!  We are trying to do the best within the State Guidelines. 
Hopefully things will change again on June 1st.
The priority on the tee is the person that has the tee time for that side.  So that means when you make the turn for your second nine you may have to filter in behind the Group that has the tee time for that side.  So if you start on the front at 8:00 and make the turn at 10:00 you will have to wait for that group that has the 10:00 tee time to go off on the back.  Once they go off then you can go.  If you have a question on the time check you phone!

Remember you are suppose to play in groups of two and it takes about 5 minutes for a group of two to get off the tee.  So there should be sufficient spacing between groups for this to work.  Remember patience its better than being stuck at home.

Remember you must call for a tee time for everyday you want to play.  Members have priority up to 7 days in advance and nonmembers can make a tee time 3 days in advance (this is a change from one day in advance). 815-584-9825 or 815-584-1399.  Also, if you make a tee time and you are not going to make it please call and cancel.  

A couple reminders:

You must stay 6 feet apart-social distancing is the number one thing.

They want you to walk but if you have a physical limitation you can take a cart-if you reside in the same household you can ride together otherwise it will be one rider per

Be on time for your tee time you must go off on your time not before or after.  You must not congregate in any group.  That means stay 6 feet apart even in your twosome.

Do not take the flag out of the cup.

No handshaking do not touch anything unless you have to.

When you are done golfing wipe your own cart down if you have a club cart return it to the grass area south of the cart shed.

The putting, chipping greens and the driving range are closed.

 We will let you use the clubhouse restroom for emergencies but you must have a face covering.

We will sell items from a limited take out golf menu, but all service will be through the pro shop/patio window please use your credit cart so we have no contact.  Thank you for your cooperation.

We are open for golf weather permitting.


If you need your cart serviced call Dennis at 815-584-9883.


Clubhouse Phone 815-584-9825, 815-584-1399